Hot Days, Cool Yoga

Special Summer Yin Classes

Join Vaishali for special summer yin classes on Sunday mornings in July. In these sessions, we will dive deep into the cooling, refreshing waters of yin yoga. Invite your body to cool and your mind to slow down as you bring yourself some respite from the hot days of summer.

In each class, Vaishali will teach specific postures, breathing and bodywork practices to balance and harmonise yin and yang energy in the body and mind.

sundays 16, 23 & 30 July, 9.30-10.45am

Class 1: Cool, Sweet Inhale
Class 2: Wave of the Breath
Class 3: Dive into the Pelvic Sea

Yoga in Common, 10 Petain Road (S) 208089

1 YiC class pass/$25 per class/$20 for you and a friend

These classes are suitable for beginners & experienced yogis alike.

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These classes are now over. For more information, write to us at