Your Life’s Work: Finding Your Calling

This is a series of four classes designed to help us understand our propensities and the type of work that is aligned to them. Most of us divide our lives into sections like work, family, interests etc., and look for each of these to provide us with different types of satisfaction. We then hope that putting them all together will give us the happiness that we are looking for.

The focus in these classes will be to take us away from this thinking and explore different ways ‘to be that one self which one truly is’ (Soren Kierkegaard), thus making our life a seamless whole with the potential to provide lasting happiness and contentment in everything we do.

We will start by looking at what a calling is and why it is important. We will then explore how to identify our unique calling and work. We will also examine the issues we may face in translating this understanding into day-to-day life. This set of classes includes an individual consultation with Charu to help clarify the direction of one’s calling and how to implement it.

Mondays February 11, 19, 25 & March 4, 2019

7 – 8.45pm

31 JLN Keli, 01-01 Keliville (S) 577931

$140 for full course

We keep our charges as low as possible to make these teachings accessible to everyone. Additional contributions to cover costs would be welcome.

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