Vaishali has been my teacher for over 3 years and I can truly say she has made a huge difference to me. I began lessons with her as I had been having chronic issues and had tried several things with little success.

Vaishali has an uncanny ability to diagnose and then develop a holistic plan to fix issues. She also constantly teaches me new techniques to understand my body better and how to change the way I move. Working with Vaishali has been transformative for me—I have now moved beyond worrying about pain to being able to focus on significantly better fitness and overall well-being.

—Nayantara B.

Vaishali is a knowledge worm, and she applies her learnings on every class. I highlight her focus on the integration between body and mind, brought to session with clear explanations. A class led by Vaishali is always original, in the best sense of the word. 

—Fernando M.

Vaishali’s yoga classes are not the regular type where you are going to find all known flows and sequences. Be prepared for a creative and constantly evolving class that will help you increase the awareness of your body and how the movements you make impact each party of it.

Vaishali is constantly studying and bringing new information and experiences to the class and I am always curious to see what is coming my way every time I join her class. One thing remains the same: I always finish the classes feeling much better than when I have started. Definitely the best Yin classes I have joined (and my bar is high!). 

—Luciana V.