Somatic Explorations: Guided Practices

This page holds a collection of guided somatic practices led by Vaishali. The practices are short (10-20 minutes), and intended as explorations to guide you into particular aspects of somatic experience. Below each audio file are a few short notes as well as some images which may catalyse your imagination and understanding of what is explored.

The explorations are grouped according to the position they are done in—floor-based, or seated. It is recommended you go through the short ‘setting up’ recording in the relevant position at least once before exploring any of the others in that section.

Please feel free to listen, explore and share. We will be posting new recordings on a regular basis, so please check back or sign up for our newsletter (Inspiration) to stay updated.

Floor-Based Explorations

Setting up on the Floor

setting up in semi-supine/constructive rest/supine hook/the ‘knees-up’ posture; what to do with legs, arms, head, eyes etc.


sensing weight and settling into the earth; softening tension and grounding

Seated Explorations

Setting up to Sit

some considerations on how to find a supportive sitting posture; what to do with your arms, hands, eyes, mouth, etc.

Body on the Earth

an exploration of weight sensing and yielding to the earth; some guidance on upright alignment; experiencing the support of the spine