Restore Yourself

Livestream Restorative Yoga with Vaishali

These classes will gently support and guide you towards a state of deep rest and stillness. Restorative yoga works to regulate the nervous system and bring about a sense of safety, spaciousness and silence within. It is not a ‘stretch’ practice (no active tissue work), but a place where the body and mind are given full support to encourage the release of held tension, better circulation, and healing.

In each class we will use household items as props to help us settle and rest within poses. There will be light guidance at the start of each pose to encourage release, softening and relaxation. Poses will be held for 10 minutes+ to allow both body and mind to rest and receive.

A regular restorative practice gives you the tools and skills to truly rest on all levels. If you struggle with anxiety, stress, insomnia, inflammatory conditions, or lead a very full, busy life and feel the need to slow down—this is the practice for you. It will be your quiet space: where you can unwind, slow down and nourish yourself from the inside out.

No prior experience is required. Feel free to join from anywhere in the world, provided the time suits your time zone. International participants can pay via PayPal.

Mondays 8-9pm SGT (UTC+8) from 13 July

Livestream (facilitated on Zoom)

Pay-what-you-want, from a minimum of S$12/class

We accept payment via PayNow, direct bank transfer or PayPal

Write to us at for more information and to sign up.