Organic Immersion: Yoga+Movement for your Organs

This is an immersive series of workshop-style classes that work with anatomy, breath, touch and movement to bring life into our vital organs. Our organs are fluid containers of energy, emotion and vitality. They give us a sense of connection to ourselves, and a soft, vibrant feeling of being awake and alive. Each organ has its own unique characteristics and contribution to our sense of well-being and presence. Working with the organs opens up more possibilities in terms of movement, creative expression, wellness and self-understanding.

Each session will focus on one organ (or organ pair), exploring its position, function and qualities in different yoga poses. There are 12 classes in the series, which covers the (1) lungs, (2) heart, (3) stomach, (4) intestines, (5) liver and gall bladder, (6) kidneys and bladder, (7) gonads, (8) pancreas and (9) spleen, as well as an introductory session, a closing session and an applications session.

I took the series of 6 classes of Yoga for your Organs and it was a very interesting experience. Unlike most of the practices I had done before, this one was very internally focused and gave me different and deeper opportunities to connect with my body and my organs. This deeper connection has also led me to insights on my own behavior. Vaishali is a patient and kind teacher and her guidance during the class was very important to keep the focus and enhance the benefits from the experience as much as possible.


This series was first taught at Yoga in Common in November 2020 as Yoga for your Organs. It is now available on request, for individuals, small groups or studios. You can also request specific sessions to work with a particular organ, or organ pair.

For enquiries, or to schedule a set of classes, contact us via email at