Unwind + Reset: A Restorative Yoga Series

This is a set of 4 restorative yoga classes to help you unwind and reset. These classes will explain the practice of restorative yoga, and give you a direct experience of its many benefits: reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, more vitality, and a deeper sense of well-being. Each class will focus on one essential ingredient of restorative yoga, explaining both how and why the practice works. You will learn:

  • the key concepts and techniques of restorative yoga
  • ways to make restorative yoga your own—pose modifications and advice on self-practice
  • why restorative yoga works (the science behind the practice)
  • somatic protocols to elicit your body’s natural relaxation response
  • how to balance and re-regulate your nervous system from stress and overstimulation

This course is open to all. Please note that each class is 75 minutes long.

This series was first taught at Yoga in Common in April 2019. It is now available on request, for individuals, small groups or studios.