Embodied Breathwork

This set of 3 workshops explores breathing as an embodied and transformative practice. Breath is the most basic of all life processes, intimately connected to our sense of well-being and vitality. It is a bridge between conscious and unconscious experience—it happens spontaneously without thought, but at the same time, we can consciously engage and transform it.

We each have unique patterns of breathing that we have developed over time through learning and life experience. Each of us also holds obstructions and inhibitions in our breath patterns, many of which arise from experiences of trauma, illnesses, injuries and stress. By exploring the structures, pathways and processes of breath, we can free these adhesions, find ease and comfort in our bodies, and enhance the potency and efficiency of our breathing.

Working with the breath is something anyone can do, regardless of age, physical fitness or mobility. It is a powerful personal practice that brings self-awareness, space, grounding and transformation. Breathing can also support the disciplines of yoga, tai chi, qi gong, martial arts, dance, movement, exercise and sports.

The series is structured as a journey from Outer to Inner, beginning with external respiration and moving inward to the internal processes of respiration. Each session can be attended individually, but each supports the next, so attending all three will give you the fullest experience and the most support. Each session lasts 90 minutes.

Please note that this is not a pranayama class—we will not be exploring the traditional practices like alternate nostril breathing etc., but instead experiencing the breath through embodiment, anatomy and personal exploration.

This series was first taught at Yoga in Common in March 2021. It is now available on request, for individuals, small groups or studios.

For enquiries, or to schedule a set of classes, contact us via email at thestillspace.sg@gmail.com.