Ode to the Ground

In my sessions and personal practice, my first and last recourse is to something many of us take for granted: the ground. It is one of the best props you could use in your movement practice, and in some cases, may even be the only thing you need to reconnect to your living, breathing, moving … Continue reading Ode to the Ground

Why Your Core Matters

core: noun (1) a central and often foundational part, usually distinct from the enveloping part by a difference in nature; (2) a basic, essential, or enduring part (as of an individual, a class, or an entity); (3) the essential meaning; (4) the inmost or most intimate part In yoga and other forms of movement, the core is often understood … Continue reading Why Your Core Matters

The Paradox of Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are gaining increasing popularity and are often seen as gateways to getting rid of stress and to peace and calmness. However, most people who start to meditate realize very quickly that rather than calming the mind, it shows a mind that is frenzied and restless. The effort to calm it by focusing … Continue reading The Paradox of Meditation

Yoga Stories

Join us for an asana class inspired by stories and figures from Indian mythology. In these sessions, we will hear tales of the sages, gods and goddesses after whom many yoga asanas are named. We will explore how these beings help, guide and inspire our yoga practice. In our first session, we will learn from … Continue reading Yoga Stories