Living With Loss

Loss shows us some basic truth about who we are: we are tied to others and to place. Those bonds form us ... When I lose you, I lose me too. Grief challenges the very notion that we are separate selves. We do not always succeed at being whole. The faces of others, the touch … Continue reading Living With Loss

The Message of Illness

The part can never be well unless the whole is well. —Plato Though many of us may have heard this axiom, we may not see or understand its applicability to our own health. We have become quite accustomed to treating our kidney, our anemia, our vertigo, or any other issue with our various “parts.” In … Continue reading The Message of Illness

On Alignment

In the yoga world, we often talk about alignment—one of the keys to mastering postures and truly feeling the benefits of yoga. There are many views and approaches to how we can best align our bodies in the forms and movements of yoga. There are also many reasons why alignment is so crucial to yoga … Continue reading On Alignment

Take a Deep Breath…

Breathing is one of the central elements of yoga practice. It is also one of the easiest yoga teachings to bring “off the mat” and into daily life. In this final post of the year, I’d like to share some thoughts and practices that might help you weather any end-of-year stresses with more ease. Firstly, … Continue reading Take a Deep Breath…