We host a number of community gatherings—circles where people can gather and connect in ways that are meaningful and supportive. If you are curious about any of our circles, or have suggestions of other ways we can create community, please reach out to us by email with your thoughts.

In this Circle, we gather to drink tea and listen to a podcast together. The episode is usually around 45 minutes long, and is followed by some open time for sharing, discussion and feedback from the group.

The podcasts we choose cover topics like Eastern philosophy and dharma, Jungian psychology and dreams, yoga philosophy and more. All are welcome.

To join the next circle or find out more, please email us.

A dream circle is where people gather to share and discuss their dreams. Usually one or two dreamers share a dream each time the circle meets. The group provides ideas, inspiration and thoughts to support the dreamer’s understanding of their dream. Working with dreams is a powerful way to deepen self-understanding and community connection.

This is a circle for those who engage in dreamwork or are keen to do so. To join the next circle or find out more, please email us.

This is a small group of practitioners who meet weekly to receive and discuss dharma teachings. Meetings are taught and facilitated by Charu. We have been meeting since 2017, and have studied the Bhagavad Gita, Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet, The Four Noble Truths, and parts of the Yoga Sutras. We are currently journeying through David Whyte’s book Consolations.

To find out more about the topic we are currently on, please write to us. For past dharma classes and circles, click here.

This circle is for those with some experience in the dharma. If you are keen to join, please email us.