Yoga Stories

By Charu Ramesh Have you ever wondered why Yoga poses have such esoteric names? Why should it be Hanumanasana and not just the splits? What is the value addition in calling a low lunge Anjaneyasana? And why can’t it be a simple forward bend rather than Paschimottanasana? It all comes back to the purpose of … Continue reading Yoga Stories

Yoga Stories

Join us for an asana class inspired by stories and figures from Indian mythology. In these sessions, we will hear tales of the sages, gods and goddesses after whom many yoga asanas are named. We will explore how these beings help, guide and inspire our yoga practice. In our first session, we will learn from … Continue reading Yoga Stories

Why Yin?

by Vaishali Iyer Lately I’ve been teaching more yin yoga – and reflecting on the amazing benefits that a regular yin practice can bring. While most of us are probably familiar with active (“yang”) forms of yoga, yin yoga is still somewhat unknown, somewhat in the shadows of the yoga world. The world of yin … Continue reading Why Yin?

Practising with Integrity: Thoughts on Sthira-Sukham Asanam

by Vaishali Iyer This month I’m co-teaching a course on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. In preparation, I’ve been exploring some of the text’s key themes in my regular weekly classes. I’ve taught about staying focused and stilling the mind through somatic awareness (citta vritti nirodha); learning to honour the truth (satya) of your body and your … Continue reading Practising with Integrity: Thoughts on Sthira-Sukham Asanam