Guidance and Fostering

Discovering Your Inner Guide

Navigating life with reflections, dreams, Yi Ching and homeopathy

These sessions are designed to help you become aware of your inner patterns and beliefs. Doing this can help understand what may be blocking or helping your progress in day-to-day as well as longer term issues and decisions.

For example, perhaps there is a change that you would like to make in your life, or a new habit you would like to cultivate. You are enthusiastic and inspired about it, yet cannot bring yourself to make it happen. What may be happening is that some parts of you are not in harmony with your idea. Getting in touch with them with attention and curiosity can help make the change happen, show a more effective way of doing it, or even bring up a different and better path.
We will approach the issues you bring to the sessions by reflecting on what underlies them, as well as how your dreams demonstrate and unpack them. Dreamwork helps us channel unconscious material, making us more creative and resourceful in our endeavours. (If you do not remember your dreams, we will discuss how to help you do so.)

We will also have the option of working with the Yi Ching as needed, to get guidance or to confirm our understanding. In addition, homeopathic help may also be explored to provide support for any difficult passages that you may be going through.
The objective is to learn to find your own deeper understanding and develop trust in what your own processes are pointing you towards.
At least four sessions are usually needed to get a sense of the process.

I had an extremely beneficial session with Charu that helped me introspect and analyse the root causes of the issues I was dealing with. At the end of our session, I walked out with a clear understanding of where I stood and practical steps/changes to help me deal with my situation. In addition, and most importantly I felt very motivated after our session as Charu not only helped me uncover my problem but also gave me a boost of positivity and confidence. I’d highly recommend seeking time with her.

— Aashriya


Charu is available to support you through one-on-one sessions (Monday to Friday 9.30am – 5pm). For more information or to make an appointment, please call 6467 0783. Read more about her background here.