Hands-On Bodywork


Vaishali offers hands-on sessions, using light touch to facilitate embodiment and transformation. Having tactile feedback from another person helps to clarify your body’s structure, issues, responses and processes. Her approach to bodywork can involve any of the body systems, such as organs, bones, fluids, glands, connective tissue etc.


Each session lasts from 30-60 minutes, in which you will either be lying comfortably on the floor or sitting in a chair. The session includes dialogue so you can express how you feel and receive feedback and information from Vaishali on what she can sense in your body.


This work is suitable for anybody as it is very gentle, and works alongside the body’s own cellular processes. It can help those who have an ‘issue’—illness, chronic pain, injury etc.—as well as those who simply want to learn more about themselves from an embodied perspective. Vaishali works primarily with adults and young adults (16+).


The image above shows the kinds of questions that can be answered through hands-on work. Bodywork gives us a direct knowing, beyond what we think in our mind, or learn from books. It is a very valuable tool for deepening our unique internal experience of the body. This kind of knowing shows us what the body needs, and makes change possible.


The first session is considered a trial and is offered for free. Multiple sessions are normally needed, though changes can be felt from the first session.

Hands-on bodywork is usually combined with yoga and movement to enhance embodied learning and experience.

If you are interested, or have enquiries, please write to us at thestillspace.sg@gmail.com.