Instinctive Meditation™

Instinctive Meditation™ is an approach to meditation that makes meditation feel like the most natural thing in the world. It recognises that meditation is an innate ability that we all have—a biological instinct for recovery, pleasure and connection that just needs to be awakened.

Human beings have been spontaneously meditating in countless ways for thousands of years: being awestruck by some aspect of nature, falling in love with another being or with life itself, experiencing the sheer joy of being alive, enjoying moments of deep rest, feeling an intimate connection with the sacred…

With a little instruction, meditation can become your go-to resource for:

  • enhancing your appreciation of life
  • deepening your love for whatever you cherish
  • self-care and personal support
  • recovering from stress
  • preparing for upcoming challenges or difficult situations
  • discovering your creativity and inner resources

Instinctive Meditation™ is a synergy of ancient yogic meditation techniques and the emerging science of meditation. It is infinitely customisable to your needs, preferences and personal situation.

Anyone can meditate—no prior experience is required, and meditation is open to all regardless of personal, religious or spiritual beliefs.

Read more about Instinctive Meditation™ here, and about Vaishali here. You can also check out Vaishali’s 6-part series of blog posts about meditation:

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  2. The How and Why of Meditation
  3. Whole Self Adventuring
  4. Rhythms of Attention
  5. Meditate with your Body
  6. The Dance of Meditation and Life

To find out more or request a session, please write to us by email.

When you get it right, meditation feels like being on a luxurious vacation
Brighton Beach, 2016