Yi Jing Readings with Charu


The Yi Jing, or Book of Changes, has been a source of divinatory guidance for humans for thousands of years. Consulted on all kinds of decisions from the grandest affairs of state to the most intimate concerns of daily life, the Yi Jing provides inspirational and practical advice, based in the philosophy of Daoism and the 5 Elements.

Charu has been studying and reading the Yi Jing for over a decade, for herself personally and professionally, as well as for friends and family members. Following positive feedback and requests, she is now opening sessions for any who are seeking greater clarity and meaning in life.

Getting an Yi Jing reading about any situation in my life immediately gives me more confidence in myself and the world. It’s like being armed with a secret knowledge of what’s really happening, why, and what I can do about it. When I’m stuck in a difficult place, there’s nothing like some extra support from the Yi Jing to regain perspective and hope. I would highly recommend it.



Receiving guidance from the Yi Jing helps you align your decisions with the greater circumstances beyond your control. It helps you understand your situation from different angles, and shows you what is hidden or misunderstood (the shadow). It can help when:

  • you’re stuck in an unwanted situation
  • you’re facing the same problems again and again
  • you feel like something is missing in your life but you don’t know what
  • you’re confused or lacking ideas about what you should do
  • you have multiple options ahead of you and you can’t decide between them
  • you feel helpless or unable to deal with a situation.

On a pragmatic level, with Charu’s interpretation and the Yi Jing’s guidance, you’ll be able to:

  • weigh the pros and cons of any action you want to take
  • get new ideas about the different options and avenues available to you
  • grasp the relationships between the moving parts in your situation (other people, for example)
  • gain meaningful insights about what is happening and how to move forward

You can consult the Yi Jing for any kind of decision, such as:

  • a personal or professional relationship,
  • relocation, travel or buying a home,
  • a job or career choice,
  • family or personal issues,
  • spiritual questions, and more.

To get a sense of Charu’s approach to Yi Jing readings, and to learn whether a reading would be right for you, read our FAQs below. To book a session or find out more, reach out to us via our contact form, by email or phone (+65 64670783).


What is the Yi Jing?

The Yi Jing is an oracle book from ancient China (800BCE). Its great value lies not so much in making predictions as being able to show you ways and options forward when you feel stuck, unsure and confused in any area of life.

How does a reading work?

You start with a question that we discuss. The process of ascertaining your question can itself bring clarity about how you are thinking of the issue, what you really want and the role of any obstacles you perceive. We then put your question to the Yi Jing, who answers with a hexagram. The interpretation of the hexagram provides the way forward.

Who is giving me the answer? How do I know I can trust it?

You can think of the Yi as a helpful spirit or the will of the cosmos. Often there is something that feels intuitively right and sensible about the answer, which forms the basis of trust. Of course, you are free to follow or not follow the advice.

Are there any questions I shouldn’t ask, or that the Yi Jing can’t answer?

I generally encourage people to ask about themselves and their life situation rather than about others.

Do I have to believe in God or in the Yi Jing to get the answer I need?

No, no such belief is necessary.

What will happen if I get a reading but don’t follow the Yi Jing’s advice?

The Yi Jing provides guidance. It is up to us whether to take it or not. That is the wonder of our free will.

Next Steps

To book a session or find out more, reach out to us via our contact form, by email or phone (+65 64670783).