Vaishali teaches regular classes and runs events and workshops at Yoga in Common. Her classes integrate somatics, meditation, breathwork and yoga asana, inviting you to explore the body as the ground of your deeper being. By bringing an internal, meditative quality to yoga, she helps you connect with your intrinsic openness and aliveness.

She offers a variety of class types to suit practitioners of different levels and backgrounds (including absolute beginners and those with injuries). Please read on or check Yoga in Common’s website  to find out more. You can also follow Vaishali on Instagram @vaishaliiyer for regular posts, event updates, insights and yoga inspiration.


This class will include a flowing sequence of classic postures that will leave you feeling supple and refreshed. We will move with the breath to connect the body and mind and help you find a steady pace that you can maintain with awareness and integrity. Class may also include basic pranayama techniques. Suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

TUESDAYS 7.30-8.30PM & sundays 9.45 – 10.45AM: Yin

This gentle class will work on releasing deeply held patterns of tension and restoring vital energy. The first part will focus on inner body work to develop awareness of the body. We will explore breathing and somatic practices that show us how to listen to the body and understand where, how and why we hold on to patterns of tension. This will be followed by supported yin poses to help us release and open specific areas of the body. This session is suitable for all levels.


This intermediate-level class offers a full asana practice including inversions and arm balances. We will explore subtle alignment, pranayama and bandhas to feel and refine the flow of prana in the body. Perfect for yogis who want to deepen their practice and work up to more advanced postures.

Private and small group classes are available on request; please write to for more information.