Vaishali teaches regular classes and runs events and workshops at Yoga in Common. Her classes integrate somatics, meditation, breathwork and yoga asana, inviting you to explore the body as the ground of your deeper being. By bringing an internal, meditative quality to yoga, she helps you connect with your intrinsic openness and aliveness.

She offers a variety of class types to suit practitioners of different levels and backgrounds (including absolute beginners and those with injuries). Please read on or check Yoga in Common’s website  to find out more. You can also follow Vaishali on Instagram @vaishaliiyer for regular posts, event updates, insights and yoga inspiration.

TUESDAYS 7-8PM: Embodied Flow

This is an intermediate-level flow class that integrates deep core work and vinyasa yoga. Sequences and movements in this class are creative and organic, allowing you to build strength and heat from the inside out. Learn to sense into your natural alignment and use your whole body to move in a holistic way. Leave feeling supple, centered, and revitalised. Suitable for those with 3 months’ practice experience or more.

Wednesdays 7-8PM: Restorative with Essential Oils

This class combines the soothing release of restorative yoga with the scents of the natural world. The oils and postures work synergistically to enhance your exploration of your inner world. Each class centers around a theme (such as renewal, cleansing, trust etc.) and uses a specific blend of essential oils—both diffused and applied—to help you dive deeper into your own experience of relaxation.

Saturdays 9.45-10.45am: Embodied Movement

This open class introduces new forms of movement that will help you broaden and deepen your felt understanding of your body. We will explore ways of moving that activate the deep core of the body and bring release to common areas of pain like the lower back, neck and shoulders. These movement patterns can also be applied to your yoga practice to help you sense your natural alignment and move with greater ease. Come prepared to inquire, play and discover something new about your body.

Sundays 9.45-10.45AM: Yin Yang

This is a part-flow and part-yin class that creatively combines active vinyasa and longer, passive holds. Balance out your yin and yang energy and learn to embody both movement and stillness. This complete practice will give you the best of both worlds in order to open, release and strengthen you on all levels.

Private and small group classes are available on request; please write to for more information.