Yoga and Movement

Vaishali teaches a range of different approaches to yoga and movement, informed by her background as a yoga teacher, somatic practitioner and movement explorer. She creates classes based on her students’ specific needs and goals. The following are the broad styles she teaches, though she blends elements from each style as needed when working with students.

Restorative Yoga

For those seeking therapeutic work and stress release. Vaishali’s approach to restorative yoga blends somatics, yoga (and, on request, aromatherapy) to encourage total relaxation and rest. Restorative yoga can benefit those who feel overwhelmed by life, as well as those who feel the need to carve out a time and space for self-care and rejuvenation. On a physical level, it can help with stress, anxiety, insomnia, and burnout. It is also a wonderful bridge into the inner practices of meditation and self-inquiry.

Fascial Bodywork (Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release)

For those who want to work on mobility, tension release and tissue rehabilitation, Vaishali offers fascial work using yin yoga and myofascial release. This approach focuses on the often-neglected fascial tissues of the body to gently reintroduce more ease and flexibility, as well as to reduce strain and inflammation from bodily patterns of misalignment. Fascial work enhances body awareness and whole body connectivity, and is a very accessible tool to learn for self-application.

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga

This unique style of movement focuses on strengthening the central core of the body, from the arches of the feet to the roof of the mouth.  It uses breath, weight and movement sequencing to awaken the body’s central axis of length and develop strong core support. It can help reduce tension and rigidity in the body, creating flow and an integrated, holistic movement experience. It is also a healthy and safe introductory approach to movement for those who are recovering from injury or new to movement. Due to its solid anatomical basis, it is very helpful for addressing back and neck pain.

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