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Yoga for Your Organs: A Special Series with Vaishali

These classes will work with anatomy, breath, touch and movement to bring life into your vital organs. Each class will focus on one organ (or organ pair), exploring its position, function and qualities in different yoga poses.

Our organs are fluid containers of energy, emotion and vitality. They give us a sense of connection to ourselves, and a soft, vibrant feeling of being awake and alive. Each organ has its own unique characteristics and contribution to our sense of well-being and presence. Working with the organs opens up more possibilities in terms of movement, creative expression, wellness and self-understanding.

These classes are gentle and suitable for all. Join for a novel approach to yoga and embodied self-exploration.

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New: Guided Practice Library

Somatic Explorations led by Vaishali

We have recently created a small library of guided somatic practices led by Vaishali. The practices are short (10-20 minutes), and intended as explorations to guide you into particular aspects of somatic experience.

Some of the practices are done lying on the floor, and others in a seated position. They are suitable for all, regardless of background or experience. Please feel free to listen, explore and share.

We will be posting new recordings on a regular basis, so please check back or sign up for our newsletter (Inspiration) to stay updated.

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How to Approach Somatic Practice (II)

This is the second of a series of posts containing some advice on approaching somatic practice. These ideas are foundations that support our continued unfolding, and our experience of our selves. They are valid no matter where we find ourselves, from the very beginning of our journey into the world of somatics, to our ongoing explorations of the territory years later.

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