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This series of sessions is based on the yamas and niyamas outlined in the Yoga Sutras. The yamas and niyamas offer guidance for interacting with the world and for our relationship with ourselves. They include values such as truth, discipline, non-possessiveness, self-enquiry and so on. These values form the basis of our personal growth and our relationships with the outside world, including families, friends and the environment.

Sessions will include self-reflection and discussion to explore what these guidelines mean for us personally, how we are living our lives currently and where we want to go. These classes are open to all.

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Movement Habits for a Healthier You (III)

Move more and move better throughout the day

One of the things I love about the term ‘movement’ is how broad it is. Movement, unlike exercise, is everything you do with your body–shifting your weight, scratching an itch, going to the bathroom, picking up your bag, putting down your bag, reaching for your coffee… I think you get the point. When you think about moving, all of what you do is included.

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