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How, Then, Should WE Act?

“The Bhagavad Gita teaches three main paths to happiness and freedom — karma yoga, bhakti yoga (the path of devotion) and jnana yoga (the path of wisdom). For most of us, living in the world with families, jobs and other responsibilities, the first path is probably the most applicable. It is also very attractive, with its promise of attaining peace and joy through and within our daily activities…”

iT’s all about shavasana

“One of the things that makes yoga is special is the way it ends. Most, if not all sessions close with a few minutes of total rest, lying on our backs with the arms and legs out, in the posture known as shavasana. I happily confess that it is one of my favourite poses…”

The Path of Life

“Ostensibly the story of the dynasty of the Kuru kings and the strife between cousin brothers, the Mahabharata is a tale about love, devotion, duty, relationships and all that we face and have to work with, in our day-to-day lives…”


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