When we are ill or injured, we rarely step back and explore whether there is a message or meaning to the situation we are in. We may dislike our illness and its symptoms, but the reality is that they are windows into discovering what is actually going on with us. Symptoms and sensations are part of the language of our body, a valuable communication which often gets ignored, dismissed or suppressed entirely.

Learning to listen to and understand this language forms the basis of almost all holistic healing methods like homeopathy, ayurveda, acupuncture and the like. This workshop aims to give you the tools to understand this language yourself, so that you can become an active participant in your own healing process.

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The Message of Illness

by Charu Ramesh

“While our marvelous progress in science and medicine has brought many life saving technologies and has indeed improved our physical health in many ways, one of the questions we still grapple with—even in something as minor as a cold—is why an illness chooses us, and why it manifests so differently across different people…”

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Monthly Meditation Circle

 2nd thursday of every month, 7-8pm

This group session is for anyone who wants to learn to meditate or who is already meditating. We will practice together and have time to share and discuss issues or questions that may be coming up for us around our meditation practice.

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