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Coming Into Embodiment

“Yoga is an embodied practice. It sounds obvious when I put it like that, but many of us haven’t taken the time to consider what it truly means to work with the body. The body we are interested in as yogis is not so much the physical body as seen or imagined from the outside, but the body that we can feel from within, when we breathe and move. This is our embodiment, or what we call the soma…”

Sitting With Your Life

Meditation is often thought of as a practice more suited to people interested in spirituality, who are somewhat detached from worldly life. Many spiritual texts speak of it being essential to realizing God or our true nature. It brings to mind monks and monasteries, renunciation and seclusion, quiet places and an unmoving body. In all these ideas, we often miss the great impact meditation can have on our day-to-day, ordinary life…

Take a Deep Breath…

“Breathing is one of the central elements of yoga practice. It is also one of the easiest yoga teachings to bring “off the mat” and into daily life. In this final post of the year, I’d like to share some thoughts and practices that might help you weather any end-of-year stresses with more ease…”

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