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This five-class series will take you to the essence of yin yoga: your fascia. Learn to sense and release lines of tension in your body by internally mapping your myofascial meridians. Each class will focus on a particular line or plane of the body, such as the back line or side body. Using somatic protocols, passive holds in yin poses and self-massage techniques, we will stimulate and release your connective tissue matrix for greater resilience and freedom of movement.

You can attend all 5 classes for the discounted price of $150, or drop in to individual sessions.

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Movement Habits for a Healthier You

As some of you may know, I’ve been taking some time off from public teaching recently to study and explore different forms of movement. Lately, my focus has been on biomechanics, kinesiology and anatomy. All complex topics that are deeply satisfying for the body nerd in me! However, at the same time, as I’ve studied and read and practised, there have been several moments where I’ve thought: this is so simple, anyone can do it! So I decided to make a short list of basic ideas I’ve learned that you could apply in your life for a happier, healthier body. Each of the posts in this series will present you with a movement idea, some of the theory behind it, and ways you can implement it practically in your life.

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