About Us

We are a mother-daughter duo based in Singapore with over 25 years of combined experience in the fields of holistic health and wellness. Each of us has been exploring and experimenting with numerous modalities over the past decade, including:

  • homeopathy, flower essences, aromatherapy and natural home remedies
  • yoga, movement, breathwork, somatics and embodiment studies
  • meditation, dharma, divination and spirituality
  • coaching and therapy of various kinds (Jungian depth and dream analysis, Buddhist psychology, Focusing, Non-Violent Communication, somatic psychotherapy)

From the experience of our own journeys, we have crafted a set of offerings with the aim of empowering people to connect with themselves and take the next step towards healing and personal transformation. When you work with us, you get the benefit of all the threads of our training and experience coming together, to provide you with the knowledge and the practical ability to actually make a change in yourself and in your life.

Since starting The Still Space in 2016, we have worked with hundreds of people of all ages (and some animals), focusing on finding an approach that works for each individual to move towards greater well-being, self-awareness and ultimately a more balanced and fulfilled life.

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What People Say

Vaishali has been my teacher for over three years and I can truly say she has made a huge difference to me. I began lessons with her as I had been having chronic issues and had tried several things with little success.

Vaishali has an uncanny ability to diagnose and then develop a holistic plan to fix issues. She also constantly teaches me new techniques to understand my body better and how to change the way I move. Working with Vaishali has been transformative for me—I have now moved beyond worrying about pain to being able to focus on significantly better fitness and overall well-being.


I have suffered from morning allergies for over 15 years. I tried just about everything to resolve this condition, from anti-histamine medications to laser surgery, all to no avail. Finally, out of desperation, I tried homeopathy with Charu, and after approximately 4 months of treatment my allergies are gone.


My family has been consulting Charu for homeopathic remedies for almost a decade. Recently, when based in South Africa, I developed vertigo due to the altitude. I even had to be taken to the hospital once due its severity and was prescribed several allopathic medications, none of which could cure the root cause. Homeopathic remedies from Charu helped me to recover quickly and then over time, fix the problem from its source.


When I went for my initial session with Charu, I was in deep depression, and had been prescribed a high dosage of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and sleep aiding medicines by my psychiatrist. Despite being in a non-talking stage, I was able to open up and consequently talk about intimate details about my life. Charu was able to ignite hope, accountability and responsibility in me by lending a patient ear, speaking frank truths and giving me practical suggestions. I was able to trust her and feel comfortable with her. More so, she was easily approachable as and when I needed her. What I liked about her was that she did not exhibit typical marketing aggressiveness or coax me to keep meeting her. I was given the freedom to contact her as and when I needed. She helped me come out of my depression by inspiring me to do exercise, yoga and many other suggestions.



Yi Jing Readings

with Charu

The Yi Jing, or Book of Changes, has been a source of divinatory guidance for humans for thousands of years. Charu has been studying and reading the Yi Jing for over a decade, for herself personally and professionally, as well as for friends and family members. Following positive feedback and requests, she is now opening sessions for any who are seeking greater clarity and meaning in life.

Receiving guidance from the Yi Jing helps you align your decisions with the greater circumstances beyond your control. It helps you understand your situation from different angles, and shows you what is hidden or misunderstood (the shadow). 

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Breath Coaching with Vaishali

available for 1-1 and small groups

Vaishali is now offering breath coaching sessions. Breathwork is a wonderful way to enhance physical fitness, sleep better, gain clarity and focus of mind, and connect with yourself and life more deeply.

Breath coaching is suitable for anyone who breathes, and can be learned easily. Best of all, because breathing is so central to our bodies, changing the way you breathe yields clear and tangible results quickly, sometimes even within minutes.

If you’re looking for a simple and accessible way towards better well-being, breathwork is for you.

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Instinctive Meditation™

1-1 and small group sessions with Vaishali

available to book now

Instinctive Meditation™ is an approach to meditation that makes meditation feel like the most natural thing in the world. Anyone can meditate, as meditation is infinitely customisable to your needs, preferences and personal situation.

With a little instruction, meditation can become your go-to resource for: enhancing gratitude, appreciation and love; self-care and personal support; recovering from stress; preparing for upcoming challenges; discovering your innate creativity and much more.

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latest blog posts

A Meditator’s Guide to Emotions (II)


In the first part of this series, I wrote about how we can approach our emotional life with more sanity, trust and balance. It requires a re-framing of certain ideas we may have about emotions, their place and purpose in our lives, the language they ‘speak’, and how to engage with them. In this post, as promised, I’m offering some tips and practice ideas to make it easier and less overwhelming for you to be with your emotions…


A Meditator’s Guide to Emotions (I)


This post is going to be the first in a series of ‘meditator’s guides to…’ various things. There is a rich wisdom in the meditative and somatic traditions about the ordinary experiences of life that we all go through: pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, thoughts, sensations, movement and stillness, activity and rest. These are the kinds of things that are so basic to human experience that we don’t really even think about them. They just happen to us, or we do them instinctively. And yet they determine so much of the quality of our lives.




I have been part of traditions and approaches that start small and slowly build up until they occupy great big chunks of your life, time, energy and money (think retreats where you are meditating for 5, 6, 8 hours a day), and also part of approaches that are extremely minimal and subtle in how they fit into ordinary life (‘meditations in the moment’). From that experience, I have found that the framing that works best for me is that meditation is meant to serve life. It is part of life, part of the rhythm of human be-ing and do-ing that makes up life. Meditation is woven into the fabric of living, not something separate from ordinary life…




A lot of people, meditators included, think meditation is about the mind and not the body. In most meditation instruction, our physical form is seen as a kind of unimportant passenger that we attend to briefly at the start or from time-to-time; as tangential to the practice, something that can just be ignored; or even as an unfortunate hindrance that we need to transcend. When the body is included in the practice, it is usually in a regulated or narrow form, like focus on the breath, or on certain sensations in a body-scan. This denies and limits the fullness and richness of embodied experience, of being incarnate (“to be made flesh”), which is actually at the heart of both meditation and life…


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