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These sessions are grounded in the framework of The Four Noble Truths, the Buddha’s first teaching after his Awakening. The Four Noble Truths—dissatisfaction, desire, cessation and the path—offer us a perspective on the inevitable joys and disappointments that life brings, as well as a way to integrate our spiritual understanding with the ordinary experiences of our lives.

Those who see worldly life as an obstacle to Dharma
see no Dharma in everyday actions.
They have not yet discovered that
there are no everyday actions outside of Dharma.      


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On Our Blog: Movement Habits for a Healthier You (III)

Move more and move better throughout the day

One of the things I love about the term ‘movement’ is how broad it is. Movement, unlike exercise, is everything you do with your body–shifting your weight, scratching an itch, going to the bathroom, picking up your bag, putting down your bag, reaching for your coffee… I think you get the point. When you think about moving, all of what you do is included. This means that not only is it possible to move throughout the day, you’re probably already doing it (to some extent). The idea, in this post, is to get you to (1) evaluate the ways you’re already moving, and (2) add on new and different ways that use more of your body, or that use different parts of your body…

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This is a set of individual sessions with Charu, designed to help us understand our propensities and the type of work that is aligned to them. Most of us divide our lives into sections like work, family, interests etc., and look for each of these to provide us with different types of satisfaction. We then hope that putting them all together will give us the happiness that we are looking for.

The focus in these sessions will be to take us away from this thinking and explore different ways ‘to be that one self which one truly is’ (Soren Kierkegaard), thus making our life a seamless whole with the potential to provide lasting happiness and contentment in everything we do.

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