New: Guided Practices

Somatic Explorations: Audio Recordings led by Vaishali

We have recently created a small library of guided somatic practices led by Vaishali. The practices are short (10-20 minutes), and intended as explorations to guide you into particular aspects of somatic experience.

Some of the practices are done lying on the floor, and others in a seated position. They are suitable for all, regardless of background or experience.

Please feel free to listen, explore and share. If you enjoy what you hear, consider joining Vaishali’s Somatic Self-Care virtual class, held on Wednesday evenings SGT via Zoom. More information on this below.

We will be posting new recordings on a regular basis, so please check back or sign up for our newsletter (Inspiration) to stay updated.

Click here for the recordings

Happening Now: Virtually

Somatic Self-Care: Virtual Meditations with Vaishali

In these times of upheaval and stress, it is important to give ourselves space to unwind, process and recuperate—and what better way than to use our body’s innate spaciousness and resilience to support us? With this in mind, I am offering weekly virtual body-oriented meditation sessions to help us self-soothe and reconnect.

Each session will include two guided practices with some open, unstructured time in between for you to rest, journal, move, self-massage or ask questions.

Practices will be drawn from different somatic techniques and will include breathing, vocalization, tactile awareness, imagination, internal sensing and occasional light movement. Join for a restful time-in with yourself and emerge more balanced, grounded and resilient.

Every Wednesday 6-7pm SGT (UTC+8), from 6 May

$20 drop-in

No prior meditation experience required

To sign up, write to us at and we will send you more details on how to join.

On Our Blog

Ode to the Ground

In my sessions and personal practice, my first and last recourse is to something many of us take for granted: the ground. It is one of the best props you could use in your movement practice, and in some cases, may even be the only thing you need to reconnect to your living, breathing, moving self.

We all know intellectually that our bodies exist, grow and move in relation to gravity. But is this a felt experience that we embody? When was the last time you knew gravity as a force in your bones, and not just a scientific concept or measurement?

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